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April 20, 2009

Tanushree Dutta Wallpapers

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Harry Potter In Bollywood

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Harry Potter In Bollywood! (Visual Joke)
Bollywood filmmakers are really excited about Harry Potter. A number of remakes are being planned, all of them hush-hush. Let’s take a sneak peek into the scripts…
HARIBHAI KA SURROR – the movie, the real love story!

In this path breaking creation of modern cinema, Haribhai Topiwala is caught in a love triangle with a 7-year-old and a 30-year-old girl.


The plot: The whimsical Harry Malhotra (guess who, SRK!) goes to Hazamgadh school of Pottery and Gardening. He’s the elder son of the billion-dollar scion and owner of the Malhotra Group. The rest of the plot is self-explanatory. (How can it not be, if it can be summarized in 10 minutes!)

Khari Potter is the youngest family member of the family. This TV series (telecast also in South Asia, America and Central Africa) is a 34,000-episode- long saga of how Khari Potter manages to see through the politics of the Potter family – the vamps, the cousins, the aunties,along with his wife and kids.

The plot: Prem Puttar, in love with lady Harminder Kaur, marries her!

With all love Regds ;
                           Arun Kumar.M

December 31, 2008

New Year SMS

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New Year SMS
New Year Good Wishes SMS
Years come n go, but this year I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a gr8 year ahead! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
May this New Year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Hope u’ll have a New Year that starts right and ends Happy!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t get Fear
Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
My wishes for you, Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, Peace for March, No worries for April, Fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec, Have a lucky and wonderful 2008
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
I wish U to have a …..
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvellous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have a great Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
I Wish in 2008
God gives You…
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
In ‘The Universal Bank of God’…
God stores his blessings & deposited 365 days full of love, faith & happiness for you…
So, Enjoy spending…
Happy New Year.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul, A Joyful Spirit, A Healthy Body & Heart full of Love..All these are my Prayers for You..Wish a Happy New Year 2008.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Throughout the Coming Year may your life be filled with little celebration of Happiness… Wishes you a Bright, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008 with God Bless.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Before the sun sets in this year, before the memories fade, before the networks get jammed…..Wish u and ur family Happy Sparkling New Year 2008.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness, and abundance of new friends. God bless you through out the new Year.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Wishing you Happy New Year, May u always keep in ur heart the special beauty and cheer of New Year.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
New Year is the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength & faith within u, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 a new challenges. Wishin u a truly fulfilling 2008
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
When the mid-nite bell rings tonight…
Let it signify new and better things for you,
let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
Wishing you a very…very. ..very prosperious 2008.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
New Year Fun SMS
New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. Happy New Year!!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year, Happy Easter, Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween & Happy Birthday. Now bug off and don’t annoy me for the next 12 months!!!!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
New Year SMS in Hindi
Sabke Dilo mai ho sabke liye Pyar,
Aanewala har din laye Khusiyo ka Tyohar,
Is ummid ka sath aao bhulke sare Gum
new year 2008 ko Hum Sab kare WEL-COME!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Bith gaya jo saal, Bhul jayye,
Is Naya Saal ko Gale lagaye,
Karte hai dua hum Rab se sar jhukake…
Is Saal ka Sare Sapne poore ho Aapke.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Is Naye Saal mai..
Jo tu chahe wo tera ho,
Har din khubsoorat aur ratain roshan ho,
Kamiyabi chumte rahe tere kadam humesha yaar,
Naya Saal Mubarok ho tuje mere Yaar.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Poore ho aapke sare Aim,
Sada badhti rahe aap ki Fame,
Milte rahe sabse Pyar aur Dosti,
Aur mila a lot of Fun & Masti.
Wish you a..Happy New Year with a Plenty of Peace & Prosperity.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye Double,
Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare Trouble,
Khuda rakkhe humesha tuje Smart & Fit,
Tera liye New Year ho Super-Duper Hit!!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Naye saal aaye banke ujale,
Khul jaye aap ki kismat ka tale,
Hamesha aap pe rahe meherban Oparwale,
Chand tare bhi aap pe hi rosni dale.
Happy New year.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai, sitaro ne aasma se salam bheja hai,
mubarak ho apko naya saal, hum ne advance me ye piagam bheja hai. Happy New Year.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —

A Prayer for the New Year
God grant us this year a wider view,
So we see others’ faults through the eyes of You.
Teach us to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult … nor the young.
Give us patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so we feel secure.
Instead of remembering, help us forget
The irritations that caused us to fret.
Freely forgiving for some offence
And finding each day a rich recompense.
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand;
That all of us whoever we are …
Are trying to reach an unreachable star.
For the great and small … the good and bad,
The young and old … the sad and glad
Are asking today; Is life worth living?
The answer is only in, loving and giving.
For only Love can make man kind
And Kindness of Heart brings Peace of Mind.
By giving love, we can help this year
To lift the clouds of hate and fear

October 22, 2008

Online Bollywood Movie

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Online Bollywood Movie

1. Golmaal Returns Movie

Online Movies

How things have changed in the few years since we started collecting online movie sites… some of the old contenders (AtomFilms, IFilm) are still here, but many of the upstarts are gone, leaving the behemoths YouTube and Google Video in their wake. Still, there are more quality movies online than ever before, so grab some popcorn and hunker down in front of the monitor.
Showcase and short film competition judged by the likes of Wim Wenders, Paul Schrader, Werner Herzog, and Neil LaBute.

A) Sundances’s “10 Shorts 10 Days”
Beginning on January 18, one of the festival’s 83 short films will stream online for free. Twenty-four hours later, a new short will take its place.

B) AtomFilms
Atom Films has been around for a long time, and we’ve found their blog a good way to stay up with what’s new.

C) Bijou Cafe
Indie shorts and features. See John Carpenter’s Dark Star in its entirety.

D) Cinema Now
Streams feature length and short films on demand and for free. Also provides free user homepages.

E) Digital Film Festival
A traveling and online showcase of the best of digital films. A super-slick enterprise, bringing Hollywood into the 21st century.

F) Folkstreams
A national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures, streamed with essays about the traditions and filmmaking. The site includes transcriptions, study and teaching guides, suggested readings, and links to related websites.

G) Free Movies & Documentaries
A good selection of movies aggregated from the large streaming sites: “100% handpicked content chosen to inform, shock and entertain you.”

H) Google Video
Yes, they bought YouTube, but so far, Google has left its own video site up, with their own wealth of full-length movies to dig through.

I) GreenCine Video-on-Demand
GreenCine offers online DVD rentals, but you can also download a growing library of titles for $1.99 to $4.99, more for adult titles.

J) How To Watch An Online Movie
Easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to watch streaming media on your desktop right now.

Another portal site that archives and broadcasts shorts via RealVideo. A lot of fun.

L) Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive
This collection contains thousands of videos which range from classic full-length movies, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to user-uploaded videos of every genre.

M) Jaman
Jaman offers a variety world films for download, for $1.99 to $4.99. You have to install their player first.

N) Mediatainment
C& C Productions (filmmakers Joey and Dylan Cooner) offer films and shows in streaming real video.

O) Public Domain Films
Wikipedia’s list of movies in the public domain, many of which are available online.

P) Public Domain Movie Torrents
If you know how to use BitTorrent for downloading, this site has a wealth of legal public domain movies, including PDA, iPod, Divx, and PSP versions.

An alternative forum for emerging films. Offering an acclaimed roster of short films.

R) The Intimate Theater
On-line cinema for mature audiences. This site premieres underground films, erotic video, movie art, and footage of live events.

S) Turner Classic Movies
The multimedia section of TCM’s site has trailers and clips from classic movies.

T) is committed to showcasing the work of independent filmmakers. Their interactive site offers a great plaform for artists to submit scripts and films and for industry professionals to discover new talent.

U) Wild Brain
This SF based animation studio is now online with a series of oddly compelling, innovative Flash animations.

V) YouTube
YouTube has revolutionzed online video, but the sheer number of films on the site makes browsing for quality content difficult. We’re always mining the site for the good stuff (our faves are posted to the recommended online film section), so send us a link if you find something godd!

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